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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Property is a real estate object. It can be a land plot with anything permanently attached or built on it like a house, garage or a group of buildings, multistory appartment building or even just a single apartment. Basically it can be anything that you own and wish to rent in parts or whole - even a business center.

  • An entity is part of the property. It can be anything depending on your property type and requirements.

    • You own an apartment, but are renting rooms separately to different tenants. In that case each of such rooms can be a separate entity.
    • You own a building what has numerous apartments, garage or even commercial area. In this case each apartment, garage and commercial area can be a separate entity.
    • An entity can be anything - even a parking spot.

    There might be cases when you don't need to divide property into entities. For example, if you own a whole apartment that you wish to rent.

  • We refer to account as a domain where you can add one or more properties that share same configuration like currency. If you own multiple properties that are spread across the world and doesn't share the same currency (considering accounting and payments with tenants, etc.) or some legal/taxation settings, then you can create separate accounts for each such property. Although even in different countries, but sharing all other settings, you can stay with one account.

  • An account user is a user (manager) account that is related to the account. It is possible to assign multiple account users to a single account. It doesn't matter if the account is for landlord or tenant.

  • We understand that each landlord in different countries and various properties can have different and special requirements. We are focusing on creating this platform in such a way that each landlord can configurate their environment to match their requirements. And we are constantly improving already existing features and thinking about implementation of new features. So we would appreaciate if you would contact us and tell us about your special requirements.