This is the central object that determines what is rented / leased to whom and period until. We extend the role of the contract.

Automatic invoices

The amount to be paid for the rent usually doesn't change month to month, then why not automate? And even invoice about used utility and other services can be automatic.

Meter reading reminders

If you have some meters that needs periodical tenant involvement by submitting readings or even your of meters (shared utilities), then this feature helps a lot.

Records in one place

Is it an inventory or vendor invoices, contracts, information about tenants or issued invoices - that all is available in one application.

Issue tracking

Tenants can submit issues or suggestions regarding their rented premises and you can keep track of the progress of a soluton.


It is so annoying that an important information like a paint color code cannot be found after a few years when a little spot on the wall needs to be refurbished. We have a solution.

Advanced customization

Although when automating processes it requires some sort of standartization, we also offer customization or various elements and details because of different landords, legal requirements and habits.

Upload contract files

All contract related files can be uploaded to the related contract and kept organized

Involve tenants

It is possible to involve tenants by inviting them to the project. That allows them to submit issues, see their contract details, submit meter readings and so on.


Allow your partners or employees to access the application and manage the property together.

Staying notified

As our main idea is to make things automatic where possible, we offer landlords to receive regular summary of property related events.

Another feature in development

We just won't stop...

Why this could be useful for you?

Renting a single unit

Do you own an apartment or a house or maybe a garage? Maybe you live on the other side of the city/country of the rental unit?

  • You can rent an entire house.
  • Rent parts of a house or even apartment.
  • The type of unit doesn't matter - you name it.

Apartment building

Apartment buildings might have some shared utilities that require calculating and splitting costs with tenants based on various criteria.

  • Define rules and criteria for such calculations and automatically generate invoices.
  • Approve automatically generated invoices before sending them to the tenant.
  • Keep track of historical records.

Multiple properties in different countries

Maybe you have properties in multiple countries where different rules apply and even different currency exists.

  • Create a property account for each country/region or different rules.
  • Each such account can function separately from other property accounts.
  • Delegate access to managers for easier co-working.

Business or industrial center

In addition to previously mentioned issues, such properties face issues with managing inventory and keeping an eye on the contracts.

  • Automatically adds late fees if needed.
  • Manage inventory between properties and entities of those properties.
  • Receive notifications regarding expiring contracts or due invoices.