How can landlords improve their rental property management using automation?

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In the real estate market, there are both large and small property management companies, as well as individual landlords who rent out their own properties and manage them themselves.

There are various reasons why owners do not want to entrust the management to a real estate management company, or they lose trust in the manager and change it.

What do landlords want?

Firstly, maximum profit from rented/leased properties and increasing property values. This can be achieved through effective, sustainable and development-oriented management of your property/assets. Secondly, a certain stability - low turnover of tenants / lessees, predictable income and solving as few problem situations as possible. In addition, the desire to spend as little time as possible on property management.

What consumes landlords' time?

The list of things and activities that landlords are busy with when managing their property is quite extensive:

  • Finding tenants by placing advertisements and evaluating potential tenants.
  • Drafting contracts and other acts.
  • Preparation of monthly rent/lease bills and utility bills.
  • Sending invoices.
  • Collection and processing of meter readings.
  • Reminder to tenants about submitting meter readings and paying bills.
  • Monitoring contract and other deadlines.
  • Resolving various problems including technical ones.
  • Finding reliable contractors and workers.
  • Inventory management.
  • Following up on the payment of bills.
  • Cash flow accounting and analysis.
  • Storage of various files, documents and notes related to the property.
  • And more...

Of course, it is possible to entrust the work to a paid employee or a company. This probably means relatively high costs. But is it possible to achieve more convenient and faster property management with lower costs?

Depending on the number and size of properties you own, for some it may be like a full-time job, while for others it will only take a few hours a week or a month.

No matter how much time it takes for everyone, it is possible to facilitate property management by using modern technical solutions and automating repetitive actions, such as invoicing, monitoring contract deadlines, remind tenants of meter reading submission.

Proforio is a great tool that can help you in your daily life with almost all property management activities. This tool enables the user to issue invoices quickly and conveniently by automating them, helps to manage their real estate objects in one app without using old tools like Excel or a notepad. In addition, Proforio gives the opportunity to change or add the necessary information in the contract relating to tenants in one place, to create a fixed assets accounting system for each real estate object. And more and more! The possibilities are wide!

Who is Proforio suitable for?

Proforio is suitable for the owner of a single apartment, as well as for the owner, manager or administrator of multi-apartment buildings or commercial premises. It doesn't matter how much and what kind of property you own, but whether you are ready to devote the saved time to yourself, your family, recreation and hobby?

The most important thing is that this tool is available for an adequate and friendly monthly fee, which will be many times more beneficial than hiring an employee to perform the same operations that Proforio does. We also offer a free plan!

You can start exploring Proforio for 30 days without any limitations and for free! We also offer the opportunity to help set up your property account.

If you own a small property, the free plan might be just for you. Check it out on the pricing page.

We have quite ambitious goals and a vision of how we want to see this tool in the future. Work on the implementation of several new features is ongoing, but there are things that will take years and cooperation with other related companies to implement. You too can be a part of this process!

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