Service that helps landlords to manage their properties

Our focus is on providing helpful features to landlors that rent their properties or part of it. Currently majority of landlors uses primitive spreadsheet like approach to keep track of their properties.

We believe that nowadays offer a lot of IT solutions for making our lives easier and that can be applied also to renting a real estate.


Automatic invoices, reports and contracts.


Reports about overall property events, payment and contract statuses.


Calculate utility usage based on various conditions and payment late fees.


Remind tenants or yourself to submit meter readings, register incoming utility invoices. Save notes. And much more.

Our vision

A modern industry standard for property management where Proforio is an integral part that is easy to use for both landlords and tenants.

Are you ready to be a part of it?


Take a look inside of our app. You are welcome to try the 30 day free trial with all the features avaiblable.

Landlord dashboard